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A.D. Heating and Air Service LLC is a leading provider of air conditioning services in Kansas City, KS, including air conditioning installation, repair, and maintenance. Our specialist AC repair technicians are well-trained. You can count on us to deliver top-notch services every time.

Furnace Repairs Kansas City, MO

A furnace provides heating during the colder months and forms part of the central heating system of your home or office. Furnaces perform a similar function to boilers and heat pumps. The main difference is that furnaces are better for very cold areas, while boilers and heat pumps are best for areas with warm winters.

Although the work that furnaces do is important, many people do not pay attention to their furnace until the cold starts to seep into their homes. If this has happened and you are in need of furnace repair in Kansas City, MO, then you have come to the right place.

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Furnace Installations

Are you looking to install a furnace system in a house you have just built? Do you need to upgrade your furnace? Furnace installation is a complex process that requires specialist skills. This is why the installation should only be done by licensed furnace contractors or companies near you.

The first step in the installation process is the assessment. Our technicians will come to your home or office and assess your needs. We look at the best furnace to use, how much material you will need, and how long it will take. We can also do this online. All you have to do is give us a call or send us an email with the necessary details.

Calls for furnace repairs in Kansas City, MO are quite common, but many of these clients actually need new furnaces installed. This is the case when repairing your furnace will not give you value for your money. Repairing such a furnace could mean that the problem might persist. As a result, you will have to keep calling your furnace company to repair the issues that will most certainly come up.

Bear in mind that the furnace installation process is just as important as the type of furnace you install. This is why you need professionals to come in and install your furnace the proper way.


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Furnace Repairs Near Me

Looking for furnace repairs in Kansas City, MO? There are plenty of companies that may claim to provide furnace repairs near you, but you should ensure that you work with a company or contractor with the right expertise.

In some case, furnace installation is not the only option. Some issues can be repaired easily by a furnace contractor. Some of the common problems that require furnace repair services include:

  • The furnace is not producing heat.
  • The thermostat is not working.
  • The furnace is not producing enough heat due to clogged filters.
  • There are issues with the safety switch on the door of your furnace.
  • Your burner is not producing blue flames.

Only a pro can determine whether an issue needs a simple repair or a fresh installation. Since furnace repairs in Kansas City are cheaper than new installations, working with a professional could save you a lot of money.

What our clients say

  • review rating 5  They arrived on time and offered an excellent solution to my heating issues. I could not be more pleased. I highly recommend their services.

    thumb Ross Nigro
  • review rating 5  Stellar service! Demond was easy to get ahold of by text and phone and I didn’t have to wait long for someone to stop by. Though the initial repair did not fix the problem, he recouped the cost when he comped the thermostat and upgraded the replacement furnace model. A couple of weeks in now the furnace works great! Really, the service from all three of the guys we worked with earned them this five star rating. They went above and beyond- offered to carry my laundry upstairs, opened a gate for me, and dropped off a space heater over the weekend while we were waiting on the new furnace. I am truly impressed.

    thumb Jana Huff
  • review rating 5  Highly responsive, fair, knowledgeable, and personable. I would highly recommend AD for your heating and cooling services.

    thumb Suzanne Welde
  • review rating 5  Demond has fixed both our furnace and our AC unit. He is now our go-to-guy for anything we need heating/cooling related! He provides prompt, courteous service and always looks for the most affordable, yet effective solution. As a family on a budget, we really appreciate that. I can't recommend his services enough.

    thumb Mae Kirkpatrick
  • review rating 5  ????This company is amazing they were very professional friendly, and efficient. They fix my Air conditioning problem in a jippie. So if you need air conditioning and heating service i recommend A.D Heating and cooling ????????????Mr.Demond Ammons

    thumb Annalisa Gonzalez
  • review rating 5  My heater went out in the dead of winter A. D. Heating & Air Service came out same day fast service fair pricing and did a awesome job Would highly recommend them for any HVAC work Thanks again

    thumb Red 2mile
  • review rating 5  I would highly recommend! Arrived on time, very honest, and helpful. We needed a pipe patched and they were out that afternoon. Also very kind!

    thumb Lindsey Peknik
  • review rating 5  Responded within an hour of my initial inquiry. Called before the service call to let me know he was on the way. Showed-up on time and found a leaky valve in my ancient A/C, so he improvised to check/fill the Freon through another port and actually traced the leak to the valve, and added Teflon tape to the cap and tightened it down…fixed! I was very impressed. I highly recommend

    thumb Jay Reed
  • review rating 5  Called up Desmond this morning and this afternoon, my house is cool. He arrived when he said he would. He listened. He didn't push the need for a "whole new system" on me. He cleaned my AC unit. (seriously). He found an additional leaking valve and replaced that free of charge. He stayed until he was satisfied the issue was resolved. He did the job for less than what I thought I thought it should cost. I found my heating and AC guy in PV. I am stoked.

    thumb Erich Schmitz
  • review rating 5  These guys are great!! They are professional, through, and affordable.

    thumb Joy Hood

Furnace Maintenance

As with all the other components of your heating system, furnace maintenance is necessary to ensure your furnace does not develop issues that cannot be fixed. It is also important because serious accidents could occur from broken furnaces. Moreover, maintenance improves energy efficiency. Who doesn’t want to spend less paying their bills?

Just like furnace repair, furnace maintenance is not as expensive as installation. Call the experts at A.D Heating & Air to check your furnace on a regular basis. Issues with furnaces and your heating and cooling system, in general, occur slowly, making them hard to detect. Furnace maintenance is one way to avoid costly repairs in Kansas City.

If you are having a difficult time with your furnace, give us a call at (816) 456-5254. Don’t worry, we’ve performed thousands of furnace repairs in Kansas City, MO, so you’re in good hands.


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